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1. His emotions are shared with diverse people to who there is no binding commitment. He is not married but he is enjoying married privileges from several women.

2. He comes to your life with more care than commitment. On his lips is more romance than his actions can sustain.

3. He is damn fast, smart and can keep five of you in one city without letting your paths cross. He has a pattern for each of you: you may be for him in church, one at work, another e-love and so on. He is a perfect sharer.

4. He is not open and it is not a secret. He lets you share his life like you have it all but with apparent boundaries. You may never be able to touch his phone or know the pass code or you can never reach him at a certain time and so on.

5. Watch him carefully, his friends are gamers. They do what he does and paint him to you as the messiah among them. He is called the only ‘good boy’. LIE! That’s a dummy girl. His company tells you a lot about his reality.

6. He is always too busy for whatever binds him to you but he is never busy for what makes him have you.

7. He is smooth and he covers his lack of commitment with unimaginable care, love and romance. He wants you around but will do nothing to make you stay forever. He wants to make you discardable at all times.

8. His history is more hidden than a mystery. Everyone you find connected to his past is waved away with quick unclear stories. He is a master in covering up real gist with new gist. He would never let you finish a probing point, he’d rather it ends in a fight and settled later without further probe.

9. He studies you like he is studying for a higher degree. His understanding of you even scares you. He knows you so much he can keep you vulnerable and anticipate your moves. This way, he can maintain more of you without hassle.

10. He is smarter than apologetic. His apology is filled with excuses than sorry. He appeals to your niceness and has a way of sending you into emotional blackmail. He will help you find reasons why you are responsible for his weakness rather than take unalloyed responsibility.

11. He boxes your ‘love’ into a pattern you are not allowed to break because if it becomes unconventional, his plan is disrupted and everything gets exposed. He hates surprises and tries to convince you that that is natural for him.

12. He has a way of insisting that things be discrete even when there is nothing discrete about what he is doing with you. He wants privacy for everything and ‘Nicodemusically’ runs your ‘relationship’.

13. His temperament worsens with time and adventure… the more he has you, the leaner his line of patience… You were never meant to stay long, but you have refused to get the message so he is looking for a ‘natural’ quarrel to take you off the next girl’s space.

14. His happiest moment with you is when he is on top of you. No other time comes close to this.

15. He has worked on you. You actually adore him and cannot see a life outside him… He is a master at enslaving people because that is the only way they can cope with his baggage.

16. He is a Christian but accountable to no spiritual leader. He changes church at will like the Holy Spirit is still in heaven. He is stubborn and you know it. He is in charge and hardly defers to any voice.

17. He has no justification for being single. He has some, enough or more than enough money compared to too many people. He has a job or businesses. He has you, wants you and and can’t help himself around you. All he really gets and gives is sex.

18. He treats you more like a target than a partner… Everything he does is to get you exactly where he wants. Remember, he has studied you and plays you like a keyboard.

19. When he claims ‘busy’, he doesn’t want as much as a text, but when he wants you, you must leave your breath where you were and surrender to him.

20. He needs help! he doesn’t need you. His life has been built on gaining pleasure from multiple relationships.


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