Morocco is the second most attractive African country for investment

Morocco is the second most attractive African country for investment
Photo Credit To Annual Investment Meeting 2013. Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Morocco is the second most attractive economy for investments in Africa, according to the latest Africa Investment Index by Quantum Global Research Lab, an independent arm of Quantum Global.

The Kingdom is ranked the second most attractive African country for business, behind Botswana which took first place.

Quantum Global Research Lab explained that Morocco was “ranked second on the Index based on its increasing solid economic growth, strategic geographic positioning, increased foreign direct investment, import cover ratio, and an overall favourable business environment.”

The report added that Morocco “scores well in risk factors such as current account ratio and import cover, and is on ease of doing business.”

Morocco, therefore, topped the list of Arab, North African and French speaking African countries in investment attractiveness.

Others in the top five included Egypt, South Africa and Zambia. The five countries combined attracted a net total of foreign direct investment (FDI) of $13 bn.

Quantum Global Research Lab confirmed Morocco’s rise as an investment destination in Africa.

In 2015, the Kingdom received $ 3.2 billion of direct foreign investment.

Political stability and government incentives for investors have been key factors in attracting a consistent flow of foreign capital into the country.

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