ISIS is not a tangible location, but an ideology.

How many Syrians have to die?

How many Syrian Children have to be mimed and killed by Western smart bombs?

How many Syrians have to be displaced? before the sheep wakes up to the fact that ISIS like Al Qaeda is not a tangible location but an ideology? And that a genocide is unfolding in Syria, the world is watching, we are watching rubbing our hands with glee

Do Mexican drug cartels kill people because they’re Christians ?

Does ISIS only kill christians ?

Among ISIS, Mexican drugs cartels and Western armies , who has killed more people ?

Why not have your take on French bombings in many foreign countries and whether it’s good ? .. Chia Hans K

I’m hardly a conspiracy theorist, but the cynic in me is restless. Something unfortunately smells off about the last 10 days. People are starting to realise that something doesn’t fit right about the whole ISIS propaganda in the main stream media. Why has direct action not been taken on these so called ISIS sites already. Why has it taken yet more brutal atrocities before action has been taken against these Intel sites. Does anyone else find it puzzling why the US and Russia have not wiped out the recruitment and training center with their superior intelligence services at their disposal, but suddenly within a couple of days France has found them and deployed jets to destroy them. Do the powers that be want to PROLONG this war as long as possible? Shades of George Orwell again.

The French massacre, as horrendous as it was, has conveniently provided the excuse for Europe and the US to go into Syria. This only muddies the water when Russia was doing such a good job and trying to find diplomatic solutions. Bombing will achieve very little, other than recruit more to the ranks of ISIS. We need to control their flow of money, but that would mean tackling Saudi Arabia who finance ISIS. Britain needs to cut links with Saudi and that includes stopping selling them weapons and freezing their bank accounts in the West. This is a perfectly understandable response from the French and it’s allies some would say, but it is hasty and entirely the wrong one. To get rid of a Fire ant nest, you don’t poke it with a stick because that inflames the situation, spreads out the ants and makes them really angry. No, you feed it, nurture it, make it feel safe and then, when all appears tranquil and calm with all the ants safely tucked up in one place, you completely annihilate it and kill every last one of them, all of them

I would like to know how many civilians the bombing raids is killing because you can be sure that most of those dead will be civilians who do not know or have the means to protect themselves from bombings. Why is the media silent on the casualties?

Putin famously said to America and Obama:
‘Do not look around for someone to blame when it is you making the mistakes. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions.
Do not poison the consciousness of millions of people like there can be no way other but imperialistic politics’
Putin telling the truth about what is going in Syria and how this is all a government play. He is incredulous that people still don’t get who funded Daesh and who is putting weapons and causing destabilisation both in Europe and the East.


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