Melania Trump’s $9,590 Sequined Skirt Suit Called ‘Inappropriate’ for Congress

Melania Trump’s $9,590 Sequined Skirt Suit Called ‘Inappropriate’ for Congress
Photo Credit To First lady Melania Trump arrives at a joint session of Congress with President Trump on Feb. 28, 2017. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On Tuesday evening, President Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress — and first lady Melania Trump marked the occasion with a sequined black power suit, complete with a wide waist-defining black belt.

From Michael Kors’s Spring 2017 collection, the Floral-Embroidered Stretch Pebble-Crepe Dinner Jacket retails for $4,995. “A black-tie suit, shaped, slit and exquisitely embellished — sexy this season is sly,” Kors said of the piece. “This neatly tailored dinner jacket is hand-embroidered by artisans in Italy with 3-D floral sequins for luxe appeal.” The matching skirt is selling for $4,595.

And the Internet couldn’t help but notice that the first lady’s look bore an uncanny resemblance to one that graced American television viewer’s screens several decades ago.

Melania Trump enters like Alexis Carrington. This must be the Dynasty reboot. Paging Joan Collins.

Melania is dressed like Joan Collins in Dynasty.

The last time I saw a sparkly suit like that, Joan Collins was wearing it on Dynasty 🙄

And while Collins was a beloved character, Melania’s outfit wasn’t entirely met with applause (unlike the rousing response FLOTUS received when her husband introduced her).

It looks like Melania was unchained tonight for the address and she seems to think it’s NYE.

Many also called the sequins inappropriate.

I’m sorry, but sequins are NOT appropriate for a Get your shit together, Melania. 🙄

Who wears black sequins to Congress?. Where you going after the speech Melania, da club?

No shade but I think sequins are a little much for congress, Melania


generally speaking Melania looks polished. Nice suit, wrong event. It’s inappropriate for this function. She looks lovely tho.

There were plenty, though, who approved of the flashy — and expensive — ensemble, and even jumped to Melania’s defense.

I’m going on record as saying that I don’t think Melania Trump looks inappropriate at all.

Like two peas in a pod, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham enter the chambers together

. @FLOTUS Melania Trump enters. She looks stunning in a dark suit with sequin detail  


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