Cameroon and most of Africa has the Blues

Cameroon and most of Africa has the Blues

It is clear that Cameroon and most of Africa has the blues and we can learn something from the blues people.

The blues people are on intimate terms with catastrophe. They wake up every day with a heartache and a heartbreak. We should fortify and not just stand there WOKE.

We should stay fortified because we can make a difference by telling the truth about our condition, the truth is to allow suffering to speak, being sensitive to those who suffer no matter what language the speak, tribe, region, sexual orientation, colour, creed etc.

You can’t just talk about a particular group of people, you have to be morally consistent.

You have to stay in contact with humanity of everybody.

You can’t just be tribal and narrow. You’ve got to have an overacting vision. That’s the legacy of great nations

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