19 confirmed dead in Ghastly accident in Cameroon

19 confirmed dead in Ghastly accident in Cameroon
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Samuel-Martin Enoh Besong 

This is beyond painful

Some members of the Wana Wa Wonja Molyko Animation Group that perished this morning at Mile 29 near Supermonte, Kumba/Muyuka road! Break failure of the truck that crushed their bus, leaving almost all the occupants of the bus dead! Horrendous site. Horrible situation. Horrific to imagine. Despicable! Appalling! Gruesome! Macabre! Oh Lord! May their gentle souls find eternal peace in God’s celestial Kingdom, and our prayers, condolences and compassion to the bereaved families! Buea is in shock, consternation, disbelief, dumbfounded!

Posted by Andek Pretty Prince on Saturday, 19 August 2017


 The accident scene is apocalyptic, as chunks of human flesh mixed with blood can be seen everywhere!
Daniel Mosima posted on Facebook

just as you like it bro.

My brother, during our last conversation last week, you told me what you wanted to do and how you wanted me to be part of it. We spoke in detail about steps to take and goals to aim at and eventually achieve.
I was woken by a terrible news this morning.
A terrible news that tingled my ears.
A terrible news that got me questioning creation and the creator.
That news was a sad one until it became even worse when I heard that you were involved in the reason why the news was sad.
You are now gone and left us here.
I know you will come to see me and I will fulfill my obligations as promised to you according to your request.
I don’t claim to know that you are ok but I know that you will let me know when the time is right.
With love and much love from all of us.
Brother, go In Peace.

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